Cartoning machine


Cartoning machine

About Cartoning machine machine

Cartooning machine is designed to automatically erect cartons, insert the products and close the flaps by tucking in or pasting suiting to the design of cartons.

Products like Tooth paste, Creams, Soaps, Table strips, Bearings etc. can be packed by cartooning machine.

Speed of the machine is up to 70 pcs/minutes.The machine is designed with Intermittent motion mechanism. Automatic product in feed is provided as an optional feature Geneva Indexers or Ferguson Indexers are used.

Chains are suit to adjust to variable carton sizes No Carton no product and vice versa interlock are provided SS side covers with polycarbonate top covers and micro switch safety systems are provided.Machine is fully controlled through PLC Power required 2 HP Facilitates online link up with bundling and shrink wrapping machine.

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