Mass Mixer


Mass Mixer

About Mass Mixer machine

The mass mixer consists of a rigid fabricated structure motor, gear box, mixing drum, stirrer and tilting device. Specially designed self adjusting sealing arrangement of unique design is provided to ensure that no black particle enters into the mixing drum. The material under mixing process can be monitoring through acrylic dust cover and its controls dusting and contaminations. The tilting device is provided to make easy the unloading of the material and easy cleaning of the mixing drum.

Application & Process :

The Mass Mixer is designed for uniformly mixing of dry and wet material and especially suitable for powder of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Herbals, Agro Chemicals & Chemicals.

Construction :

Mass Mixer is a mixer for powder constructed with a mixing drum covered with a see-through cover, mixing paddle arrangement and sealing arrangement. All these parts are mounted on sturdy frame which also carries motor, gear box, starter and tilting arrangement.

Safety Arrangement :

The see-through cover is interlocked. The mechanism does not let the machine start until the cover is properly closed.

Tilting Mechanism :

In order to unload the material easily, a tilting mechanism (hand wheel) is fitted in the machine. By rotating the hand wheel, mixing drum is tilted and unloaded the mixed material.

Maintenance :

Our Mass Mixture machines are designed with easy to clean and maintain features. Moving joints / parts have points to lubricate easily.

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    • In compliance with cGMP guidelines.
    • Also available with Standard Painted Model.
    • Conventional efficient mixing through paddle type blades welded to the main shaft horizontally mounted in the container & has single speed, simple rotation.
    • All contact parts of AISI stainless steel 304 material.
    • AISI stainless steel 316 quality contact parts optional.
    • Easy for cleaning and operating.
    • Safety Plastic dust cover provided for apparently seeing the mixing process.
    • Interlocking system at plastic dust cover is provided to avoid the accident.
    • The tilting device provided by means of hand wheel (manually operated) for easy unloading of the material.
    • Specially designed self-adjusting sealing arrangements to ensure no black particle enter into the mixing drum.
    • Models for Small Scale, Laboratory (Research Purpose) Capacity, as per customize requirement are also available.
    • Flame proof electrical can be provided with extra cost.
    • Efficient for mixing of dry or wet materials of Tablet Granulation, Powder Mixing, Chemical, Food, Confectionary etc.
    • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES : 25 Kgs to 200 kgs.

Mass mixer specification

MODEL MM-50 MM-100 MM-150 MM-200 MM-300
Working Capacity 110 Ltrs. 220 Ltrs. 330 Ltrs. 440 Ltrs. 560 Ltrs.
Speed of Stirrer 35 RPM 35 RPM 30 RPM 25 RPM 20 RPM
Electrical Motor 3 HP/2.2Kw/144RPM 5 HP/3.7 kw/144 RPM 7.5 HP/5.5 kw/144RPM 10 HP/5.5kw/144RPM 15HP/7.4kw/144RPM
Over all dimensions in mm (L x B x H) 1700 x 740 x 940 1900 x 740 x 940 2100 x 790 x 1300 2475 x 1000 x 1500 2650 x 1050 x 1600
Case dimension in mm 1900 x 950 x 1150 2100 x 950 x 1150 2300 x 1000 x 1500 2600 x 1200 x 1700 2850 x 1250 x 1800
Net weight in kgs. 350 450 550 600 700
Gross weight in Kgs. 450 600 750 850 1000